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Helmets Buying Guide

A motorcycle helmet is one of the safety clothing which is needed when riding a motorbike. Every biker is supposed to have a quality helmet. You are recommended to replace your helmet after every three to five years. A biker who is operating at very high speeds is supposed to have an aerodynamic, durable and a quiet helmet which has a solid eye protection. Some of the modern helmets are designed with special features which include Bluetooth connectivity and radios. All these features are meant to make riding more enjoyable and enhancing long-distance rides. The following are some of the important factors which you should consider when purchasing a helmet.


A new helmet should be certified to ensure that it is of good quality. Most of the helmets have an ACE certification mark. This is one of the internationally recognized safety marks. A helmet is considered to be ineffective after crashing. Any crashed helmet should be replaced immediately.


Does the helmet pinch your temples? Check if the helmet is wiggling around your chin. If it does, then that is not your size. You should choose a helmet which fits you properly. It should fit snugly around the skull and the forehead. A helmet should not shake at all when worn. Again you should avoid a helmet which is very tight as it can cause a lot of pressure on your head or even give you a headache.


A good helmet should be made from high-quality components such as leather, microfiber, and chrome. The quality can be felt by touching the helmet. The interior of the helmet’s lining should also be removable for washing. A helmet will get sweaty, stinky and dirty after some time and should be washed to make it clean.


The price of the helmets does not correlate with the safety features. All bikers have the same safety level irrespective of the price of the helmet. The price of the helmet is mainly determined by its styling. This includes the paint used, the padding, the venting as well as the integrated flip shields. The padding is either made from leather or microfiber. There are some helmets which are designed with special graphics. These helmets are very expensive. They include the Pista GP-R E2205 and the AVG’s.

The following are some of the common types of helmets

  • Bitwell Bonanza Bright Silver
  • Bell Bullitt Stripes
  • Hedon epicurist
  • Hexodonx Rake Artemis
  • Shoei RF-1200
  • Schuberth E1 Crossfire
  • Vespa VJ1-946
  • Biltwell Gringo Full Face S Navy
    Veldt Copper Foil Full Face